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New and Changed in OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition Update 3

The following items summarize the new features and enhancements in the OpenUtilities Substation CONNECT Edition Update 3 release.

Feature Description
Project Manager Changes The New Project Manager grants greater flexibility for managing projects by:
  1. Allowing users to store projects in any location they desire.
  2. Users can now associate multiple projects with the same WorkSet configuration if so desired. When creating new projects you can select the WorkSpace and WorkSet configuration you want to apply to the project.

The Project Manager now features an updated Configuration Variables dialog that has separate tabs for updating both WorkSpace and WorkSet variables.

The Project Manager now gives you access to a Configure Database dialog which allows you to specify the default project database for any new projects that you create.

Configuration Changes
  • The behavior of the ELEC_CATALOG_PATH variable has been revised so that all catalogs found in the specified path will be loaded by the software. If you have some catalogs on a local drive and others shared on a network drive that you would like to load simultaneously, you can delineate multiple paths with a semi-colon. It's no longer necessary to specify individual paths to every catalog that you intend to load.
  • The following Project Database configuration variables have been deprecated in Update 3 since we now store the project database connection information with each project's ect.fid file and the default project database settings are stored in the DBSettings.xml file:
Migrating V8i Projects to CONNECT Edition Migrating your projects from V8i to the CONNECT Edition is a simple two step process of:
  1. Associating a CONNECT configuration with your V8i projects.
  2. Updating your project database schema to the CONNECT Edition.

A Configuration Assignment Utility has been provided with the CONNECT Edition making it fast and easy to associate your custom CONNECT configurations with your V8i projects. This tool is accessed from the Project Manager by selecting the Configuration Assignment Utility button.

Managed WorkSpace Enhancements ProjectWise integration has been extended to support managed WorkSpaces that allow you to now fully store your symbol catalogs inside of a ProjectWise repository. This helps to facilitate greater collaboration across your organization.

You have the added flexibility of being able to store your workspace configuration in a separate area of the ProjectWise repository from your projects so that an administrator can lock down the configuration while allowing users to create new projects as needed.

2D Lightning Protection Diagrams and Calculation Reports Quickly and easily group lightning masts to create 2D protection diagrams with calculation reports to ensure that substation equipment is properly protected from lightning strikes.
New Context Menus The third party context menus that appear when you right click on any Substation object have been seamlessly integrated with the native power platform context menus, which has the following benefits:
  • Eliminates menu conflicts that previously arose between the native platform menu and the third party substation menu.
  • Allows for user customization
Easily Move Multiple Symbol Text Attributes You can now window select or use <CTRL> and left click to select multiple symbol text attributes across multiple symbols and move all the text at once using the standard Move command. As an example, this is a convenient way to realign PLC function text where you want all the text across multiple symbols to align in a column.