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ProjectWise Attribute Mapping

The ProjectWise Attributes Mapping node allows the mapping of ProjectWise attributes to OpenUtilities Substation . OpenUtilities Substation projects and pages contain descriptions that can be defined and modified by users. Similarly ProjectWise projects and documents have customizable attributes as well. OpenUtilities Substation provides the capability through the Options dialog to map Project and Page descriptions and attributes with like attributes in ProjectWise. This creates an interoperability between the two environments that allows the user to modify attributes in either interface, and the changes will automatically be updated in the other.

The Project Description and Page Description types are the only ones that can be edited in either OpenUtilities Substation or ProjectWise and synchronized in both directions. All other types (Drawing Set Descriptions, Installation Descriptions, Location Descriptions, Project Revision Descriptions, and Page Revision Descriptions) are created as read only in ProjectWise.
Note: The administrator can customize the ProjectWise attributes and other integration settings in the Promis_Env.aam and Promise_ClassSchema.xml files which are installed to the ProjectWise\bin folder when loading the ProjectWise Customization. The ProjectWise Attribute Mapping will then allow the user to choose the attributes in the ProjectWise OpenUtilities Substation environment and project type.
The following OpenUtilities Substation description types are available to map with the ProjectWise attributes:
  • Drawing Set
  • Installation
  • Location
  • Page
  • Page Revision
  • Project
  • Project Revision
Next to the column of OpenUtilities Substation descriptions is a column which lists the like ProjectWise attributes for mapping.

Click Here for a detailed procedure to map attributes.

Note: The user can add, rename, or remove Project and Page descriptions by clicking on the Project Settings option and making the changes in the page that displays. Click the help button while in this page to display context sensitive help on this topic which will provide more detailed information.