OpenUtilities Substation Help

Placing Detailing Symbols

Detailing symbols are a set of tools used for placement of different types of callouts, title texts, and revision clouds. Detailing symbols contain fields and links that update automatically and make the models more interactive and intuitive.

If the callout that you place has an associated saved view, a marker for the saved view is displayed.

Note: When you work with detailing symbols, saved views, and references, links are created between these items. For example, when you place a section callout and attach its saved view on a sheet model, a link is created between the section callout and the drawing boundary. These links are shortcuts like hyperlinks, and store properties such as names of file, model, and so on. For example, links to saved views store the saved view name, reference links store the logical name of the reference, and drawing boundary link stores the drawing boundary name. If you change these properties, the links may be lost. Also, if you make any modifications to the detailing symbol, they are reflected in its corresponding saved view. Conversely, modifications to the saved view are also reflected in its associated detailing symbol.