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Display of Rendered Views

You can use the View Display Mode to set the display style of a view to any of the available options, for example, Wireframe, Hidden Line, Filled Hidden Line, Illustration, Illustration With Shadows, Monochrome, Monochrome With Shadows, Smooth, Smooth With Shadows, Transparent, and Transparent With Shadows.

These same options are available in the Display Style option menu of the View Attributes dialog. Setting a view to a shaded mode lets you work in a "rendered" view.

Luxology rendering honors the display style's overrides so that color, transparency, material, etc., will be used if the display style is applied to the view that you render.

Using one of the hidden line or shaded options is useful for orientating views.

Sometimes, when working in wireframe mode, it is possible to "lose your place" with regards to the orientation of the view. In these instances, use a display style as an aid to visualizing the design.

It can be difficult to determine the orientation of a model when viewed in wireframe display.

Using a hidden line or shaded style is a quick way to verify the view orientation.

When a shaded view style is used, it is easy to see how the view is rotated.

Similarly, you can preview your animations on screen in the selected display style.


Displays edges of surfaces/solids, letting you see through to the elements behind.

Hidden Line

Only parts of elements that actually would be visible are displayed — lines hidden behind objects are removed.

Filled Hidden Line

Similar to Hidden Line display, except the polygons are filled with the element color, producing a cartoon-like effect.


Similar to Filled Hidden Line display, except the polygons are shaded using material definitions where they have been applied to the elements.

Illustration with Shadows

Same as Illustration display with shadows included.


Displays as a gray-scale shaded image.

Monochrome with Shadows

Same as Monochrome display with shadows included.


Displays as a smooth shaded image with materials where applied.

Smooth with Shadows

Same as Smooth display with shadows included.


Displays all elements as transparent.

Transparent with Shadows

Same as Transparent display with shadows included.