OpenUtilities Substation Help

ArchVision RPC Support

OpenUtilities Substation supports ArchVision RPC "3D textures," such as realPeople, realTrees, and RPC 3.0 content such as RPC Automobiles and Objects. RPC cells are replaced dynamically, at render time, with images from the RPC files that are appropriate for the current viewing direction. That is, during rendering, the RPC cells are replaced by geometry and texture maps extracted from the RPC files. The maps selected are determined by the orientation of the camera with respect to the RPC cells, and the current animation frame number for animated RPC cells.

ArchVision Content Manager

For newer RPC content, ArchVision Content Manager is required, along with an ArchVision license. You can access the ArchVision Content Manager via the Configure Content button in the RPC Thumbnail Viewer. Refer to ArchVision ( for information on RPC cells and their licensing.

Where required, OpenUtilities Substation 's thumbnail browser may be disabled via a configuration variable. To disable the RPC thumbnail browser, set the configuration variable MS_DISABLE_RPCBROWSER to value of "1". To re-enable the browser, set the configuration variable to "0" (zero), or leave blank.