OpenUtilities Substation Help

Sending Printed Output to a Printer

You can send printed output to any printer on your network, whether or not it is physically connected to your PC. OpenUtilities Substation lets you use a variety of methods to send printed output (or print files) to the preferred printer on your system. These include:

  • Create a print file on disk and copy this to the printer (at the system prompt).
  • Send the printed output directly to a locally connected printer through the parallel port without first creating a print file. You can do this either via the Print dialog or the key-in window.
  • Via the Print dialog, send the printed output directly to the system printer (either attached to your PC or elsewhere on the network).
Tip: A number of printing variables can be used to let you track printer usage and other details regarding printing. When you create a print from OpenUtilities Substation , certain configuration variables are set for each print. Using the values of these configuration variables, a macro can be written that writes to a log file, recording the values of these variables. This information can be used for accounting purposes. For more information, see Printing accounting variables.