OpenUtilities Substation Help

Direct method — To Set the Units in a DGN File to Be Saved as DWG

  1. In the Design File Settings dialog, Working Units category, review the Master Unit and Sub Unit settings.
    Note: You should not need to change the Working Units when saving to DWG.
  2. Review, and if necessary, modify the Accuracy.

    If Accuracy is decimal, when the file is saved to DWG the results in AutoCAD are in Decimal or Engineering units. If Accuracy is fractional, the results in AutoCAD are in Architectural or Fractional units. If Accuracy is scientific, the results in AutoCAD are always in Scientific units.

  3. Do one of the following:

    In the Save As DWG/DXF Options dialog, under the General tab, set Units to the desired AutoCAD units: Architectural, Decimal, Engineering, Fractional, or Scientific. This ensures your final unit format in the DWG file, but you must make sure that the selected units are consistent with the working units.


    In the Save As DWG/DXF Options dialog, under the General tab, choose the output Units.

    When you select Architectural or Engineering units, the resulting DWG file will have inch-based units and coordinates displayed as feet-inches. When either of these two units is selected, the file geometry may be scaled due to unit conversion if the selected units are inconsistent with the working units. The Units, in combination with the Working Units, determines the resulting units in AutoCAD. The table in Working with Units in Files That Will Be Saved to DWG shows the Units value to use to get the desired results in AutoCAD.