OpenUtilities Substation Help

Placing Monument Points

Monument points are used to define the mapping of coordinates on the digitizing tablet to coordinates in the design plane. Thus, monument points are defined on both the digitizing tablet surface and in the design plane.

At least two monument points must be defined; more are recommended for increased accuracy. When only two monument points are defined, OpenUtilities Substation assumes the hard copy is perfectly aligned on the tablet surface. If more than two monument points are defined, OpenUtilities Substation can compensate for misalignment.

A monument point can be any point at which the coordinates on the hard copy being digitized are known. It is best to define several widely spaced monument points.

It is easier to place monument points in the design plane before setting up for digitizing, and then snap tentative points to them during setup and digitizing. To make monument points visible, place them with a line weight of at least 3.