OpenUtilities Substation Help

Extrude Mesh Volume

Used to create a mesh volume to form a base mesh volume or to create a mesh volume intersecting at a target.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Mesh > Create > Extrude or Thicken Mesh > Extrude Mesh Volume
  • Toolbox: Create Meshes

Extrude Volume

Lets you extrude to a closed shape or mesh to a volume with a flat bottom. The extrude distance is calculated from the lowest Z depth of the selected element.
Extrude To Target

Lets you extrude a closed shape or mesh element to a target. The selected element must fully intersect the element from the Top view.
Direction (Extrude Volume option only) Sets the direction for the extrusion.
  • Global Z — Extrudes the closed shape or mesh element in the Global Z direction.
  • Vector — Extrudes the closed shape or mesh element in the direction set by the cursor.
Thickness (Extrude Volume option only) If on, defines the thickness from the lowest Z point of the closed shape or mesh element. If off, the thickness value is entered with AccuDraw. A positive value projects in the downward direction and a negative value projects in an upward direction.
Full Dynamics (Extrude Volume option only) If on, the result mesh volume is drawn dynamically. If off, the mesh volume results will display after placement. It is recommended when working with large mesh volumes Full Dynamics be off.
Keep Original If on, the original element is retained. If the element is in a reference file, the referenced element is retained. If off, the original element is not retained and only the mesh volume is created.
Create Outer Boundary LineString (Available only when Extrude Volume is selected) Creates a linestring that goes all around the outer boundary of the meshed geometry. The linestring may jump vertically, as needed.