OpenUtilities Substation Help

Expression Builder Dialog

This dialog is launched from the Wire Diagram Settings page of the Options dialog. It enables the user to build expressions to define the connection information symbols.

Note: The user can specify the column width for each variable that is included in the expression. This will allow the text to be output in what appears to be columns, so that the variable values in the wiring diagram output lines up better. To continue to output a single text string expression as in previous versions, make sure the width value for each variable is 0.
Available variables List of variables that can be used to create an expression.
Add to Expression Click to add the selected variable to the expression. It will then appear on the right side of the dialog.
Use single column expression Enable this check box to automatically set the column widths to 0 and output the text as a single string expression. Disable this check box to specify the column widths in order to output the text in multiple columns.
Reset Click to reload the format that you had when you first entered the dialog.
Remove variable To remove an element from the format, select it, then either press the <Delete> key or right click on the element and select Delete from the menu.
Example Shows how the selected variables will appear in the drawing.
Properties If you select one of the selected variables in the expression, the Properties fields become active, allowing you to enter a Prefix or Suffix that will be added to the variable value.