OpenUtilities Substation Help

Element Changes Dialog

Used to view design history details to see specifically which elements were deleted, added, modified, or removed. The list box shows information about the elements that have been changed. You can undo changes to selected elements and redo changes to selected elements in this dialog.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Design History dialog: select one or more revisions, right-click, and select Element Changes from the pop-up menu

Undo changes to selected element(s)

Undoes the selected changes.
Redo changes to selected element(s)

Redoes the selected changes.
Zoom to changes

Zooms to the selected (post-change) version of the elements. Clicking this view control will switch models, if necessary, so that you can see the selected elements or revisions.
Show Properties

Opens the Properties dialog for the selected element that changed in design history. Shows the historical version of the element.
Show element changes

Allows an application to show element changes in a non-graphical way.
Show history

Opens the Design History dialog, which displays the design history of the selected elements. Design history opens in Isolate mode, showing only the revisions in which the selected elements were changed.
List box Contents of the list box include:
  • Description — Describes the type of element that has been changed.
  • Change — Type of change made to the element. Types include Add, Modify, Pre-modify, and Delete.
  • ID — The element's unique identifier. This is the element ID that you see in the Properties dialog.
  • Model — Name of the model associated with the revision.
  • File — Name of the DGN file associated with the revision. The list can include revisions in the open DGN file, as well as revisions in attached references.