OpenUtilities Substation Help

Edit Wire Path Properties

Lets you to set various parameters relating to the wire path.

Accessed from:
  • Panel Design Ribbon > Panel Layout Group

The following dialog displays allowing you to modify the wire path properties.

Device ID The entries in the Installation, Location and Device Tag fields were assigned to all components assigned to the wire path being drawn. Enter new values if necessary.
Voltage To segregate wires by voltage, enter the minimum and maximum voltages to be used for the current wire path in the Min Voltage and Max Voltage fields. Enter only numbers in these fields. These values will be used by the Shortest Distance Wire Routing function.
Note Enter a note pertaining to the wire path into this field. When you close the dialog, the note is placed in the drawing on the wire path.
Graphics Color Select a color for the wire path as it will appear in the drawing.

After making changes to the wire path, click OK to apply the changes in the drawing.