OpenUtilities Substation Help

Drag Mesh

Used to modify a selected portion of a mesh element by dragging a selected set of control points.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Mesh > Modify Meshes
  • Toolbox: Modify Meshes
Block Selects the facets by using a block.

Circle Selects the facets by using a circle.

Shape Selects the facets by using a shape.

Mode Sets the drag mode for the selected portion of the mesh element.
  • Drag Softly — Drags the selection handles by a single hand. The other handles drag progressively less than the selected handle.
  • Drag — Drags the selected facets at the same rate.
Subdivide Locally If on, subdivides the selection set into a finer mesh to make changes smoother.