OpenUtilities Substation Help

Device BOM Assignment

If you created a device ID in the BOM Explorer that is not associated with an existing symbol, use this dialog to assign that device to an existing symbol.

Accessed when:

  • Right click on a symbol and select Device BOM Assign from the popup menu.

The following dialog opens.

Filter This dialog lists device IDs created in the BOM Explorer that are unassigned to symbols. You can filter this list by selecting a parameter (such as Installation or Device Tag) in the Filter drop-down list, entering a filter value in the Like field, and then selecting the Apply button.

Use the Save button to save this filter. Use the Clear button to remove an existing filter.

Device IDs The device IDs created in the BOM Explorer are listed in the grid. Select an item to assign to the existing symbol.
Drawing Device ID If you want to keep the device ID that the symbol already has, select the Drawing Device ID option (The selected item will still be removed from the pick list because it will be placed on the current symbol).
BOM Explorer ID If you want the symbol to receive the device ID from the list in the dialog, select the BOM Explorer ID option.
Replace If the selected item in the list has attributes assigned, they will be shown in the lower part of the dialog. If you wish this attribute value to be assigned to the existing symbol, select the Replace check-box.

Once you have defined how to assign the Device ID, select OK to assign the selected item to the symbol in the drawing. Select Cancel if you do not wish to make an assignment.