OpenUtilities Substation Help

Button Assignments Dialog

Used to assign OpenUtilities Substation key-ins and to add key combinations to logical buttons, thus creating additional button assignments. Logical buttons are mapped to physical buttons. For example, in the default setup the "logical" Tentative button is mapped to the "physical" left plus right mouse buttons. You could create a button assignment by adding the <Alt> key and the PLACE FENCE key-in to the "logical" Tentative button. Then when you press the <Alt> key and the left and right mouse buttons, the Place Fence tool is active.

Button assignments are stored in button menus (“.btnmenu”). The title bar of the Button Assignments dialog identifies the open button menu.

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Ribbon: File > Settings > User > Button Assignments

Before making button assignments, you should review the Button Mappings dialog to ensure that the current physical button mappings are set to meet your needs.

Note: Button menus are different from cursor button menus, which are used with digitizing tablets.

Open Button Menu
Opens the Select Button Menu dialog, which is used to open a button menu.
Save As Button Menu
Opens the Save Button Menu As dialog, which is used to name and save the open button menu.
Buttons Assignmens Used to create or change a button assignment. Includes check boxes for the keys you can add to a button assignment: <Ctrl>, <Alt>, and <Shift>. The Logical Button Drop-Down List includes the logical buttons you can use in a button assignment.
Ctrl Turn on this check box to include the <Ctrl> key in a button assignment.
Alt Turn on this check box to include the <Alt> key in a button assignment.
Shift Turn on this check box to include the <Shift> key in a button assignment.
Logical Button Drop-Down List Allows you to select the logical button to change, or for which to create an assignment.
Remap Buttons Opens the Button Mappings dialog, which is used to change the logical button invoked by each physical button (or button combination).
Button Lists the keys and logical button selected in the Buttons group box above or selected from the list box below.
Action Shows the action string , if one is defined, of the button assignment identified by the selected keys and logical button.
List box Lists the currently defined button assignments and their actions. You can click any list box entry to select a currently defined button assignment for editing.
Save Saves changes to button assignments and closes the dialog. The changes are saved to the open button menu, whose file name is shown in the dialog's title bar.
Close Negates any changes made to button assignments and closes the dialog.
Note: If the definitions were not saved, an alert box opens. If you do not save the assignments, they will remain in effect only for the remainder of the session.