OpenUtilities Substation Help

Insert Balloon

Places a numbered balloon beside a symbol in a drawing that indicates the position of that component in the Bill of Materials list.

Accessed from:

  • 2D Design Ribbon > Components Group
  • Panel Design Ribbon > Components Group

Balloons can be placed in any type of drawing, not just panel layouts. You can make settings for balloon appearance in the Project Options Balloon Settings dialog.

The Balloon Number dialog enables you to enter a balloon number for a selected symbol.

Dimension Style Select the type of balloon to insert from the drop down. These balloon styles are defined in the Dimension Styles dialog.
  • Balloon_Circle
  • Balloon_Hexagon
  • Balloon_Capsule
  • Balloon_Line
  • Balloon_circle without a leader

Click the Dimension Styles icon to display the Dimension Styles dialog where you can edit the properties of the balloon types.

Leader Select from the options below:
  • Automatic: This option behaves like a typical leader line where there is an anchor point on the selected symbol and you can drag the balloon type to a location and left-click to place the balloon.
  • Manual: This option lets you select multiple points for the leader creating segments for the line and allowing more flexibility to position the balloon. Once you are finished routing the leader line you must right-click to accept the final point. See the differences below:
Auto balloon number When enabled, will automatically assign the next available balloon number.
Note: The balloon number will stay the same when selecting multiple symbols with the same part number.

If disabled, you will be prompted to enter a balloon number manually.

Part Number Displays the accessory kit part numbers as well as the kit parts themselves.
Balloon Number Enter the desired balloon number in this field if the Auto balloon number option has been disabled.
Create association to symbol Enable this button to create an association between the balloon and the symbol. When this is done if the symbol is moved in the drawing the balloon will be moved with it.

The software will prompt you to Pick leader start or balloon insert point. Click on the point where you wish the head of the arrow from the balloon to appear. Click where you wish the other end of the leader from the balloon to end. You can click on multiple points to create segments in the leader. If you wish the balloon to appear with no leader, simply press <Enter> , do not define any additional points.

Place Balloons on Multiple Symbols

When launching the Insert Balloon command, you can select multiple symbols to balloon. When more than one symbol is selected, the Select a Symbol to Balloon dialog displays. This allows you to select which of the selected symbols to balloon. The window selection option makes it easy when there are multiple symbols in close proximity and they are hard to visually separate. Select them all and then pick which one to balloon from the list.

The selected symbol will appear highlighted in the drawing. Click OK to proceed with drawing the balloon leader and entering the balloon number. Enter links to how to topics.