OpenUtilities Substation Help

Create Animation Camera

Used to create an animation camera.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Visualization > Animate > Create
  • Toolbox: Animation Cameras

Create Camera From View If on, lets you create an animation camera from an existing view.
Lens Angle Sets the angle, in degrees, for the lens. A value of zero specifies a parallel projection.
Focal Length Sets the lens focal length, in millimeters.
Standard Lens Sets the Lens Angle and Focal Length in accordance with the following:
  • Standard lens — FishEye, ExtraWide, Wide, Normal, Portrait, Telephoto, or Telescopic.
  • Parallel (Off) — specifies a parallel projection (zero Lens Angle).
  • Custom — default setting when the Lens Angle or Focal Length is set manually.
Front Clip If on, sets the distance, in working units, from the camera to the front clipping plane. If off, the front clipping plane is at the camera origin (no clipping).
Back Clip If on, controls the distance, in working units, from the camera to the back clipping plane. If off, there is no back clipping plane.
Lens Diameter Sets the diameter, in working units, of the camera lens.
  • For a parallel projection (zero Lens Angle), a lens diameter is required.
  • For a non-zero Lens Angle, a positive value places the focal point behind the camera origin.
Cell Scale Sets the size of the camera by applying the specified scale factor to the standard animation camera cell.