OpenUtilities Substation Help

Script Actor

Used to create a script to parametrically position an actor during an animation sequence. Only those actions are allowed that were defined when the actor was created.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Visualization > Animate > Script
  • Toolbox: Animation Actors

A number of built-in variables and functions are available for defining actor motion equations.

You can script the position, rotation, or scale of an actor as a function of time, or frame number. For example, the formula 5*frame in the X Rotation field causes the actor to be rotated 5° about the X axes, every frame of the animation sequence.

Actors present in the active file, or in a reference (both DGN and DWG) may be scripted. When creating actors in DWG files, which are to be referenced and scripted, the following settings must be enabled in the Save As DWG/DXF Options dialog:

  • Preserve MicroStation Settings (General > Basic)
  • Save Application Data (General > Advanced > Application Data)

When working with this tool, you can select and accept the actor graphically, or you can double-click its name in the drop down Actor List menu in the tool settings.

Actor List Drop-down menu containing the names of existing actors in the model and any references attached to the model. See Working with actors for information on creating and manipulating actors.

When an actor is selected, the Script Actor dialog opens, to let you input the script entry details for the allowable manipulations.