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Add Entity Size Filter

Used to simplify parametric solids by removing unwanted details based on predetermined sizes. Removing details deemed unnecessary to a design's location or connections such as small blends, holes, and planar facets has benefits:

  • Reduced model size means less data to process
  • There is a reduced amount of clutter in drawings

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Solids > Solid Utilities
  • Toolbox: Solid Utilities
Note: The Add Entity Size Filter tool is not intended to work with B-Spline Surfaces. Also, parametric solids must be selected individually when using this tool. Fence contents and selection sets are not supported.
Note: This tool will remove the parametric features as per the set values, in the selected solid. To undo (delete) the action, modify settings, or diable this feature for a while, simply right-click the feature glyph for this tool appearing on selecting the affected solid and then select the options:
Blends Radius When on, all blends (fillets) sized less than or equal to the entered radius value are removed.
Holes Diameter When on, all round holes sized less than or equal to the entered diameter value are removed.
Note: Elliptical and rectangular holes are not considered holes, and are not removed.
Face Size When on, all planar faces sized less than or equal to the entered value are removed.
Note: If the removal of a face results in an invalid solid, the face is not removed.
Variable Link
Let's you use an existing variable to set the input value, defined in the Variables dialog.
Note: If no variables exist, you will be alerted to create one first.