OpenUtilities Substation Help

AccuDraw Settings Dialog, Operation Tab

Contains controls that are used to select preferences for operation and alter aspects of the way AccuDraw performs.

Auto Load If on (the default), AccuDraw starts automatically when you start the program.
Floating Origin If on (the default), the origin moves to the last point placed.
Context Sensitivity If on (the default), enables tools to provide "hints" to AccuDraw to override its default behavior for smoother operation. This may include setting custom "Context" rotations, setting the origin, locking values, or setting the coordinate system type.
Smart Key-ins If on (the default), AccuDraw interprets a number as positive or negative, depending on the direction of the pointer from the compass.

In rectangular mode only, Smart Key-ins cause AccuDraw to move the focus to either the x or the y field depending on pointer position.

Auto Point Placement If on, places data points automatically when they have been fully constrained (if you have locked both the X and Y values, or if you have locked one or the other while the pointer is indexed to zero). The default is off (this feature is recommended for experienced users).
Sticky Z Lock If on, when you lock the Z axis, it will remain locked through consecutive operations. Normally, locks are cleared when you enter a data point. This setting is useful, for example, where you want to draw on the one plane (that is, you want to lock Z=0), while snapping to elements that are on another plane. With Sticky Z Lock enabled, the Z value will remain locked until you turn it off.

When the Z axis is locked with this setting turned on, the appearance of the AccuDraw compass changes. For polar coordinates, the AccuDraw compass appears with an inner circle, and for rectangular coordinates it appears with an inner square.

Always Show Compass If on, when you activate AccuDraw, the compass displays prior to you placing a data point for the current operation.
Auto Focus Fields (Polar coordinates only) If on, the <A> and <D> AccuDraw shortcuts set focus to the selected field and lock the current value.

If off, the <A> and <D> AccuDraw shortcuts lock the current value without affecting the focus.

Default Origin Lets you choose the default origin. When a tool starts AccuDraw and there is no origin currently defined, then this setting specifies the default location of the AccuDraw drawing plane origin. Options are:
  • View Center on active Z — Sets AccuDraw's origin to the center of the view, at the Active Z depth of the view.
  • Global origin — Sets AccuDraw's origin to the Global Origin of the file.
  • Global origin on active Z — Sets AccuDraw's origin to the Global Origin (X,Y) at the Active Z depth of the view.