OpenUtilities Substation Help

Accessory Kits Manager

The Accessory Kits Manager tool lets the user manage the contents of kits (a standard part in the OpenUtilities Substation parts database).

Accessed from:

  • Manage Ribbon > Catalog Group
Import Kits Restores kits using XML format stored in the ...\ProgramData\Bentley\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Substation Example\Standards\Substation\QuickStart directory.
Backup Kits Saves kits using XML format in the ...\ProgramData\Bentley\Configuration\WorkSpaces\Substation Example\Standards\Substation\QuickStart directory.
Update Current Project Kits Updates the Part Database with changes made to the current Accessory Kit.
New Kit Creates a new kit in the parts database.
Copy Kit Creates a new kit in the parts database from the currently selected kit.
Delete Kit Deletes the currently selected kit from the parts database.
Add Part Adds the selected Part Number into the current kit.
Part Number Controls filtering parts in the parts database.