OpenUtilities Substation Help

Sphere Solid

(3D only) Used to place a spherical solid — a solid of revolution with a circular cross section.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Modeling > Solids > Primitives
  • Toolbox: Primitive Solids

Method Sets the placement method.
  • Center — Places the sphere starting at the center of the sphere by radius.
  • Edge — Places the sphere by a distance described on the outer portion of the sphere.
  • Diameter — Places the sphere from one side of the sphere along the diameter of the sphere.
Axis Sets the direction of the sphere's axis.
  • Points — Direction of axis is defined graphically. AccuDraw can be used to define the drawing plane on which the points are placed.
  • Screen X, Y, or Z — Direction of the axis is set to the screen's X, Y, or Z axis.
  • Drawing X, Y, or Z — Direction of the axis is set to the drawing's, or design file's, X, Y, or Z axis.
Radius If on, sets the radius.
Diameter If on, sets the diameter.
Note: Although the sphere's radius can be specified as a tool setting, it is generally quicker and easier to type the radius into the AccuDraw window.
Note: To place a volume of revolution with a non-circular cross-section, use the Solid by Revolution tool.