OpenSite Designer Readme

Workspace Configuration

The "workspace" configuration delivered with OpenX Designer is designed to provide a flexible and productive out of the box experience. It leverages the CONNECT Edition software's new WorkSpace and WorkSet configuration levels which are selectable through the interface making it easier to move between different standards as required.

A helpful way to understand these configuration levels is to consider that the WorkSpace is for company or client standards and the WorkSet is for the individual project standards. The configuration layers project standards to be layered over corporate/client standards which are both layered over a base set of standards.

OpenX Designer provides generic Imperial and Metric based out of the box. Additional base standards customized for specific regions, countries, and agencies are also available for download from Bentley Software Downloads.

To create your own Workset with OpenX Designer:

  1. Start the software,
  2. Select either the Imperial Standards or Metric Standards WorkSpace,
  3. Create a new WorkSet for each project.

Creating a WorkSet is easy. Select the Create a WorkSet button in the interface and provide the name of the new WorkSet (probably your project name/number).

Videos and supporting materials detailing this process are available through the CONNECT Advisor and LEARNserver.

To include custom standards such as cells, dgnlibs, seed files, and template libraries in a WorkSpace (company/client) or WorkSet (project) copy the files into the blank folders that are setup already. In most situations, there is no need to edit any cfg files because the configuration is setup to search the folders and layer the standards. The exceptions are seed files and template libraries which require a minor edit to the respective cfg files to provide the specific file name to be loaded. For more information please refer to the documentation inside each cfg file and the videos described above.

For more information on Workspace configurations with CONNECT please refer to the help or search CONNECT Advisor.