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Place Fence

Used to place a fence.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Home > Selection > Fence Tools split button
  • Toolbox: Fence
Fence Type When the Fence Type is:
  • Block, Shape, or Circle — Sets the geometric characteristics of a fence for graphical placement.
  • Element — Lets you create a fence by selecting an element. Elements that can be used for a fence include closed planar elements (shapes, circles, ellipses, complex shapes, grouped holes), any solid (other than spheres or feature solids) or closed extrusion, or cylinders. If a planar element is used in a 3D file, then the volume is applied by sweeping the planar region through the entire model.
  • From View — Sets a fence to include the contents of the selected view.
  • From File — Sets a fence to include the contents of a DGN file. An option menu lets you choose from:
    • Active — elements in the active model from a selected view.
    • All — elements in the active model and its references, from a selected view.
    • Choose — elements from a selected reference (or the active model), which you identify by selecting an element from the required model/reference.
  • From Flood — Sets a fence to include the (minimum) area enclosed by a set of elements.
Fence Mode Sets the Fence (Selection) Mode that, in conjunction with the fence placement, .

Expands the tool settings to reveal the named fence tools.
Tip: If, after placing a fence but before selecting another tool, you decide the fence placement is unsatisfactory, simply Reset to begin re-placing it.