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Set Element Information

Adds a note of your own to a particular element in a drawing.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Geometry > General Tools > Standards split button

Use the Set Element Information command to add a note of your own to a particular element in a drawing.

  1. Open the Civil Tools task pane to the General Geometry section then click the Set Element Information icon.

  2. When you move the cursor into the View, it is equipped with a tooltip that prompts you to "Locate Element", so move the cursor to the element that you wish to give a description.

  3. On the Set Element Information dialog, enter a Subject and give a Description in the space provided then click Apply.

  4. Equip the Element Selection tool then click on the desired element in the View.

  5. Strike the key combination Ctrl + i.

  6. On the Element Information dialog, expand the tree under the element's title and click the Information branch.

    • The Subject you entered appears in the Type line, and the Description you gave appears in the field of the same name.

Note: Each element can only store one information which cannot be edited but overwritten with a new one.