OpenSite Designer

Select By Graphical Filter

Creates a MicroStation selection set from the selected graphical filter.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Geometry > General Tools > Design Elements split button

The Select By Graphical Filter tool creates a MicroStation selection set from the selected graphical filter.


You need a minimum of one graphical filter or filter group to use this tool. For further information on how to create filters and filter groups, see Graphical Filter Manager.



Graphical Filter Group

Select the filter group from the list. If no filter groups are defined in the file or DGNlibs, a prompt is displayed indicating there are none, and the Graphical Filter Manager dialog opens. Note once the filter group is created, the user is returned to the Select by Graphical Filter dialog.

Terrain Filter Manager

Opens the Terrain Filter Manager.


Click to highlight any element in the view that matches the filter.


  1. Select the Select By Graphical Filter tool.
  2. When prompted, click (in the Tool Settings) the Graphical Filter button to open the Graphical Filters dialog. All filters and filter groups defined within the workspace DGNlibs are displayed, along with the filters and filter groups stored in the active DGN file.
  3. Select the filter or filter group, which populates the tool settings dialog and closes the Graphical Filters dialog.
  4. (Optional) If you want to see the candidate elements prior to selection set creation, click Preview.
  5. When prompted, data point to accept selection. The file is scanned and any element matching one of the filters is added to a MicroStation selection set.