OpenSite Designer

Create by Text Interpolation Workflow


  1. Open a 2D DGN file with elevation text elements and linear elements denoting terrain features.
  2. Select the Terrain Model by Text Level Interpolation tool.
  3. Set the Feature Definition and Name of the terrain model to be created.
  4. Set the Edge Method.
  5. If you need to create filters or filter groups, click Terrain Filter Manager.
  6. Create filters to denote the text for spots and required line work linear features.
  7. Click Finish to close the Terrain Filter Manager dialog, which automatically returns to the Terrain Model tool.
  8. Toggle on Append to Terrain (if needed,) and select terrain to append.
  9. Select the filter or filter group for spots.
  10. Select the filter or filter group for breaklines.
  11. Set Search Tolerance.
  12. Toggle on Include Text as Spot Elevations.
  13. Data point to create terrain model.