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Terrain Overview

Overview of Terrain Models

A terrain model is a set of three-dimensional triangles mathematically computed from point data collected on the surface being modeled. Models are used to define highly irregular surfaces, particularly the surface of the earth, but can be generated for proposed surfaces, subsurface geotechnical layers, etcetera. Terrain models are also referred to as digital terrain models (DTMs), triangulated irregular networks (TINs), or triangulated surfaces.

The MicroStation Terrain Model tools support importing and labeling terrain contours and spots on terrain models. You can import a terrain model into a DGN to use its data. Terrain models imported from the LandXML file format are supported within MicroStation. However, any manipulation or importing from Civil products must be done within Bentley Civil.

Bentley Civil provides a robust set of tools to create, edit, analyze, and work with terrain models.

Terrain Model as a MicroStation Element

A terrain model is recognized as a MicroStation element type. When you select a terrain model, the Element Selection tool Element Type tab indicates that it is a Terrain element type.