OpenSite Designer

Advanced Controls

The Advanced Controls tab contains adjustment for cross slope rotation (to simulate superelevation) and toggle / setting for the optional clipping plane.



Apply cross slope rotation

As the drive through process follows the 3D center line, it does not react to the slopes of any 3D models. When the roadway is sloped (superelevated), the camera does not reflect the slope. This can be accounted for with the Apply cross slope rotation feature.

Add clipping plane

Toggle off, all elements are displayed. When toggled on, a (vertical) clipping plane is established.


Used when the Add Clipping Plane is toggled on. It is the horizontal distance from the camera location where the vertical clipping plane is established. Any elements beyond this distance are not displayed. The clipping plane is dynamically updated while driving along the centerline. One example where this is useful is where curves in the center line display unwanted elements in the background.


Clicking Publish creates a camera script file that can be opened in the MicroStation Animation Producer tools. Within the Animation Producer, the file can be saved in a variety of formats with the Tools Animation Producer. Refer to MicroStation help for more details.