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Feature Definitions

Feature Definitions are used to control symbology, annotation, and various other properties that are applied to the geometric elements.

The feature definitions are used to:

  • Define what the geometric elements actually are. What is being modeled such as curb, centerline, edge of pavement, etcetera.

  • Control symbology in various views, including capability to define differing symbology in plan, profile, and 3D spaces

  • Define terrain modeling attributes (spot, break line, void, etcetera)

  • Define surface display characteristics

Features Toggle Bar

Refer to Tools > Civil Geometry > Features Toggle Bar for detailed information.

Feature Fields on Command Dialogs

Commands have entry fields for feature definition.

Feature Definition

choose the feature definition that describes the element being created. For example, edge of pavement or curb, or centerline. Using the Override toggle on Feature Toggle Bar, forces this to "Use Active" which is the recommended workflow.


the name is populated from the feature definition selected. User can override this with a new name if needed.

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