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Line between Arcs

Used to construct a line between two previously placed arcs. This tool has the ability to optionally apply a back and/or forward transition between the arc(s) and constructed line.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Geometry > Horizontal > Lines split button


  1. Click Line Between Arcs. The Line Between Arcs dialog displays. Any of the inputs can be locked in the dialog at any time. Locking some values may limit or otherwise affect the other values.

  2. Select the arc to construct the line from. Use a data point, example, left-click to accept.

  3. Select the offset distance from the first arc. This can be selected graphically with the mouse or keyed in.

  4. Select the second arc to construct the line to. Data point to accept.

  5. Select the offset distance from the second arc. This can be selected graphically with the mouse or keyed in.

  6. Select the solution by moving the mouse between the different solution numbers in the second arc. Once the desired solution patch is found, accept the solution with a data point.

  7. Optionally, if a back and/or an ahead transition were chosen on the settings dialog, a prompt appears allowing modification of the transition properties. Use the left and right arrow keys to toggle between the back and ahead transitions. After completion of the transition properties, data point to accept.

  8. Select the adjustment option of None, Back, Ahead, or Both. This will effectively trim the element you are drawing from/to or both.

Use of ALT Key

During the operation of the command, the ALT key can be used to switch between alternate solutions. When the onscreen dynamics show the (up to) four solutions, pressing the ALT key on keyboard switches between the alternates.


Manipulators are available for:

  • Offset from arc drawn from

  • Offset from arc drawn to

  • Back Transition

  • Ahead Transition

  • Drag handles to dynamically adjust the optional offset distances from both arcs


The Line Between Arcs rule data is also accessible in the properties.