OpenSite Designer





Manage project data using the Explorer dialog.

Attach Tools

  • References
  • Raster Manager
  • Point Clouds
  • Reality Mesh

Manage reference attachments using the References dialog.

Manage raster reference attachments using the Raster Manager dialog.

Import, control, visualize and manipulate point cloud images using the Point Clouds dialog.

Attach and manipulate reality meshes using the Reality Mesh Attachments dialog.


Displays the Models dialog, which allows you to create a new model, copy a model, edit model properties, delete and import models, create a sheet boundary, and list any filters.

Level Display

Turn levels on and off using the Level Display dialog.

Level Manager

Turn levels on and off using the Level Display dialog.


Review or modify information about an element(s), such as its type, attributes, and geometry.


  • Key-In
  • Toggle AccuDraw
  • Auxiliary Coordinates
  • Saved Views
  • Cells
  • Markups
  • Details
  • Windowed List

Open the Key-in window.

Manage saved views using the Saved Views dialog.

Create and manage cells in a Cell Library.

Review markups and comments made in the design through the Markups dialog.

Display information related to what is selected in any of the tabs of the Explorer dialog