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Features Definition Toolbar

Activates and deactivates settings that impact a variety of Geometry tools.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Geometry > General Tools > Standards split button

Use the tools on the Features Toolbar to activate and deactivate settings that impact a variety of Geometry tools.

Open the Civil Tools task pane to the General Geometry or the Horizontal Geometry section then click the Features Toggle Bar icon.

Click the Override Feature Definition icon to force the active tool to use the feature definition selected in the bar.

Expand the Feature Definition drop-down to choose from the available defined feature definitions.

Use the Match Feature Definition tool to populate the combo box with the feature definition assigned to the selected element.

Click the Create 3D Automatically icon to generate 3D model elements for the created elements. The 3D is computed by best fit of the default terrain model. But, if the element being created is adjacent to other geometry elements which have a defined design profile, then a quick profile transition is computed to define the 3D element.

Click the Use Feature Definition Template icon apply a roadway template to the created element automatically. The feature definition must have a template assigned in its properties.

Toggle on/off Chain Tools. If tool chaining is toggled on, then many tools can automatically determine base elements to use during calculations. For example, Arc Between Elements will choose the two most recent elements and set them for base elements to construct its fillet.

Toggle on/off Persist Snap. If toggled on, persists the snap into the geometry (default is snap on).

Toggle on/off Rule Deactivation. If toggled on, then tools create elements with rules disabled.