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Report Conflicting Points

Used to report points in a terrain which have the same X,Y coordinates.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Terrain > Analysis > Reporting split button

Any location in a terrain model (as defined by an X, Y coordinate) can have one and only one elevation. However, the source data used to create the terrain model may have duplicate points (as defined by an X, Y location with the same or differing elevations). During triangulation, if two or more points with the same X,Y coordinates are encountered, the first point (with its elevation) is utilized, while the second or subsequent points which may have different elevations are ignored. The Report Conflicting Points tool utilizes the underlying source data for this report.



Apply Level Tolerance

If selected, uses the specified tolerance to filter data. If not selected, all conflicting points are listed, even those that have identical X,Y,Z coordinates.

Level Tolerance

Specifies the Level Tolerance, which acts as a filter for the report. If two conflicting points have an elevation difference less than the Level Tolerance, they are not included in the report.

In the example below, the Apply Level Tolerance was not used.

All conflicting points are listed, the Level Difference, the elevation of the point and the elevation of the model are listed. The points marked "Terrain" were used in the terrain model creation. The report below used a Level Tolerance of 2.0 master units. Therefore, only the conflicting points whose elevation difference is greater than 2 are listed in the report.

The user can zoom to the location of a conflicting point by highlighting the line, and clicking the icon at the top of the report dialog. The In View icon centers about the selected point. The Export icon opens the Civil Report Browser with the Duplicate Points report, which can be printed.


  1. Select the terrain model.

  2. Optional, toggle on Apply Level Tolerance and set the value.

  3. A report of any found duplicate points displays.