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Terrain Filter Manager




Brief, unique name to identify the filter.


Optional description to further identify the filter (if the Name is insufficient).

Feature Type

Select the feature that corresponds to your data type. See also Features.

Filter Type


Link to Terrain Features

Toggled off:

The terrain model is created from the graphics but there is no association maintained with the graphic. Thus, if the graphic is edited later, the terrain model will not update. It will have to be regenerated. Use this option for faster performance.

Toggled on:

The terrain model is created and ruled to the graphic elements. Thus, edits to the graphic immediately update the terrain model. Using this option on large datasets takes a significantly longer time to build the terrain model. The DGN is scanned and the first 15,000 elements found are added to the rule that is attached to the terrain model that gets created. Changing one of these elements affects the terrain model. All other elements found in the DGN are added into the terrain model but not added to the rule. Changing one of these elements does not affect the terrain model. A warning displays in the Civil Message Center if the limit is reached.

Edit Filter

Opens the Edit Filter dialog, wherein you set the parameters for the filter, i.e., levels, colors, civil features, etcetera.

Set the parameters by clicking the category to the left, then selecting the parameters. Define a selection set, select the category, then click By Sel. The software autopopulates the fields, based on the elements in the selection set. Multiple selections are supported (Choose six colors or five levels, etcetera.) To view how many elements match the filter, click Preview. All elements in the view that fit the filter are highlighted. Once setting the parameters is complete, click Finish to close the editor and return to the Filter Manager dialog.

Filter By

The Filter By section displays at a glance which categories are being specified in the current filter. For example, if you used level and color to define the filter, the level and color items are toggled on, once the filter is finished.

Refer to the MicroStation help topic for more information on levels, color, line weight, line style, and other element attributes.