OpenSite Designer

Template Library Organizer

Moves (drag and drop) templates from one template library to another. This command can also be used to copy templates from a (*.ird) roadway design into a template library.

To copy or move a template or an entire folder, press and hold the left mouse button down over a template or folder, then drag the selected item to its new location either in the other library or the same library. The default process is to copy the item. To move the item, hold down the shift key while releasing the left mouse button. The selected folder or template can also be deleted by pressing the delete key.

Available In/Available In

The tree view in the left panel displays the active template library. The tree view in the right panel displays another library or roadway design you locate with the Browse button.


activates the Open dialog box. When you locate and select a template library, it is displayed in the right panel tree view.


displays a preview of the selected template from left/right tree views.