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Surface Options

The Surface Options dialog appears when you import a file containing a surface. The file name is displayed in the dialog title. The options on this dialog apply to each individual filter if you turned off the Specify at Import toggle on the Text Import Wizard, Step 4 dialog.

If the toggle is turned on for any filter, all of the filters will use whatever parameter is provided in the Surface Options dialog at the time of each import.

Dialog Box Options


defines the name of the surface that you are importing. You can key in any name you want.

Fence Mode

defines how a region/fence affects this command. If the mode is Ignore, the region/fence is disregarded and the command operates both inside and outside the region/fence. Otherwise, this parameter defines whether the command operates Inside or Outside the region/fence.


Seed Name

specifies a seed name to use for generating names for the features that will be added to the surface.

Feature Style

displays a dropdown list of available feature styles.

Point Type

displays a dropdown list of available point types.

Pen Order

specifies the sequence of pen up/pen down information in the ASCII file; One then Zeroes or Zero then Ones. If the pen order is set to One then Zeroes, a 1 in the last column of the ASCII file represents the beginning of a line, and 0 represents points on the line.


specifies a piece of data on which you can filter when you use feature filters. The Parent value is intended to represent something that a certain group of features have in common.

Exclude from Triangulation

when selected, excludes each feature from triangulation.

Relative Alignment

This section of the dialog is active only when a Relative Elevation column heading is present in one of the filters.

Geometry Project

indicates the parent project.

Horizontal Alignment

indicates the parent horizontal alignment.

Vertical Alignment

the elevation will be relative to this alignment.


initiates the command using the information defined in the dialog and then dismisses the dialog.


dismisses the dialog.


displays the Feature Selection Filter dialog.


displays help.