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Used to rotate an element(s). Elements can be rotated individually, as a selected group, or within a fence. When About Element Center is turned on, selected elements are rotated about their (individual) center points.

Method Sets the method used to rotate an element.
  • Active Angle — The element(s) are rotated by the Active Angle, which can be typed in the text field.
  • 2 Points — The angle of rotation is defined by entering two data points.
  • 3 points — The angle of rotation is defined by three data points.
About Element Center If on, the selected element(s) is rotated about its center point instead of a selected point. Cells and text elements are rotated about their origins.

Elements may be selected individually, or you can select multiple elements to rotate in a selection set or using a fence. Where multiple elements are selected they all will be rotated about their own center points.

Copies If on, the element(s) are copied and the copy(s) are rotated; the original(s) are not manipulated. The adjacent field sets the number of rotated copies to create.
Note: When copying and rotating an element with tags, only the element is rotated. If you want the tags also to be rotated, you must first select the tags along with the base element and then choose the Rotate tool.
Use Fence If on, the fence contents are rotated. The option menu sets the Fence (Selection) Mode.
Tip: Choosing Rotate from the Reset pop-up menu selects the Rotate tool. When the tool is selected in this manner, the rotate operation affects all selected elements.
Tip: If Use Fence is on and the rotation is repeated, any element(s) inside the moved fence are copied along with the original fence contents. It is usually easier to use the Construct Array tool with Array Type set to Polar to make multiple rotated copies.