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Tip #2 : Point Renaming

Currently, there is no provision to deal with automatic Point Renaming when survey data is imported into Survey. To deal with Point Renaming, you have two options.

Option 1:

  • Data files with the same point field naming can be imported into separate Field Books.

  • Create Field Book and import first file.

  • Create another Field Book and import the second file.

  • Etcetera

Option 2:

Import the first data file into your field book. Select all the points from that data file in the Details panel and append a prefix or suffix. Use Edit Selected>Name (or any property) and use the operators below:

If the property is Numeric (Easting, Angle, Elevation, etc.)

+ - / *

If the property is STRING based you can use:

+ And -

To add a PREFIX to a string use


To add a SUFFIX use