OpenSite Designer


If link sets exist in the open DGN file or in the configured DGN libraries, a link set appears in the Links tab of the Explorer dialog. The link set's name appears next to the Link Set icon in the drop-down list box.

The links appear in the Links tab in the Explorer dialog. Links may be organized in folders. Links can also be created for folders in which everything in the folder is linked. To follow a link, double-click it or right-click the link and choose Open from the pop-up menu.

Once a link set is created you can open it, browse through its links, open links, add links to elements, add links to detailing symbols, and view the properties of links and folders.

A link set can contain links to DGN and DWG files; design, drawing, and sheet models; folders, references, saved views, drawing boundaries, and supporting documentation created in other file formats. Each link set is an independent object stored as non-graphical data in a DGN file or in a DGN library (DGNLib). If you move a DGN file with link sets stored in it, the link sets move with the DGN file and retain their links to the target files.

Link sets cannot be stored in DWG files.

In the Explorer dialog's Links tab you can view the information in the link set , including browsing through the link set, opening links, adding links to elements, adding links to detailing symbols, and viewing a link's properties. The Explorer dialog's Links tab is used for organizing your links. You can organize links by creating folders and placing the links in them.

In addition to creating links to DGN and DWG files; design, drawing, and sheet models; references, and saved views, you can link to:

  • Microsoft Word documents, including headings and bookmarks within the documents
  • Microsoft Excel workbooks, including specific worksheets within the workbooks
  • Adobe PDFs, including bookmarks within the file
  • Websites, key-ins, and e-mail addresses
  • Folders, link sets and configuration variables
  • Any other file type

You can add links to elements either on-the-fly without creating a link set or by using Explorer to create a link set.

For more details, see the MicroStation help.