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General Geometry Standards

  • Ribbon: Geometry > General Tools > Standards split button

Contains design standards, feature Definitions and Message Center.

Select in the Toolbox


Set Design Standard

Lets you assign a design standard to an element that previously had none. The design standard, which is active in the design standard toolbar, is the one that will be assigned to the selected element(s).

Design Standard Toolbar

Assigns a design standard to a Civil Geometry element or changes the design standard on an element.

Set Feature Definition

Assigns a feature definition to a civil geometry element, or changes the feature definition on an element.

Feature Definition Toolbar

Uses the commands on the Features Toggle Bar to activate and deactivate settings that impact a variety of Geometry commands.

See also

Features Toggle Bar

Match Feature Definition

Imparts one element's characteristics to another.

Civil Message Center

Provides feedback on a variety of issues that can affect the design process, such as errors in constructions and design standards that have been violated.

Set Element Information

Adds a note of your own to a particular element in a drawing.