OpenSite Designer


Used to set user preferences - settings that control how the product operates.

Preferences are not design file-dependent and cannot be saved in the design file. However, they are saved in the user preferences file pointed to by the MS_USERPREF configuration variable when you click the OK button.

You can access this dialog from the following:

  • Ribbon: File > Settings > User > Preferences

View Options - Civil is the one category of the Preferences used by OpenRoads Designer. (For help on the rest of the categories, see the MicroStation help.)

View Options - Civil category provides settings for the cursor prompt, manipulators, and various operational toggles.

Manipulator Settings

These settings allow the user to control the settings and symbology of the civil geometry manipulators and any associated text.

Superelevation Settings

When the superelevation components are drawn into the design file, these two options allow the user to specify whether they are to be drawn as Color Shaded Fill or Boundary Only.



Color Shaded Fill

Color Shaded Fill Color fills superelevation lanes AFTER calculations are complete. The coloring is hard-coded based on the cross slope:

slope < -10% =blue

-10% <= slope <= -0.5% = Calculated color between green and blue

-0.5% < slope < 0.5% = white

0.5% <= slope <= 10% = Calculated color between red and yellow

slope > 10% = dark red

Based on the side of road, the colors flip. In addition to setting this option, the View Attribute for Fill must also be toggled on.

Boundaries Only

In this option, only the outside boundary of each lane is displayed and can be selected.


No superelevation lanes / edit handlers are displayed, however, they are still in the file. To display them, set to one of the other two options.