OpenSite Designer

Apply Linear Template

Used to access the Pick Template dialog then inserts the chosen template into the drawing relative to a linear element.

You can access this tool from the following:

  • Ribbon: Model Detailing > 3D Tools
  1. Open the Civil Tools task pane to the 3DGeometry section then click the Apply Linear Template icon.
    The Apply Linear Template dialog opens.

    Checking the box next to any of the fields locks in the associated value.

  2. When you move the cursor into the View, it is equipped with a command prompt requesting that you "Locate Element to Apply Template", so move the cursor to the linear element to which you wish to apply the template then data point, example, left-click.

  3. When prompted to Select Template, you must hold down the Alt key and strike the down arrow key to open the Pick Template dialog.
  4. When the dialog opens, navigate the tree to choose from the available templates then click OK and data point in the View.
Note: The Select Template command prompt retains your last selection, so if you wish to apply multiple instances of the same template, you need only data point when the populated prompt appears.