OpenSite Designer

To Inverse Points Perpendicular by Element

  1. Select the Inverse Points tool.
  2. Set the following options in the tool settings dialog.

    Set the Input Type to Perpendicular.


    If elevations are available and delta elevations are wanted, toggle on 3D.


    (optional) Set the annotation and persist options in the tool settings.


    Toggle on Send Option if the inverse report in the Civil Report Browser is wanted.


    Toggle on Use Point Name if you are using existing survey data.

  3. Follow the heads-up prompts:

    Heads Up Prompt

    User Response

    Input Type


    Perpendicular Mode

    By Element

    Select Element

    Select a previously drawn MicroStation or Civil element upon which the points will be projected.

    Enter End Perpendicular Point (seen in lower prompt field, not heads-up prompt)

    Data point or enter survey point name of second point to complete the base line.

    Enter Point to Project

    Data point or enter survey point name of each point to be project back onto the base element. Continue selecting data points until complete. Any point drawn beyond the limits of the base element are not projected, but just connected to the closest endpoint of the base line.


    Ends the tool and opens Civil Report Browser if option is toggled on.