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Terrain Edit

The Civil Terrain Model Edit tool group contains tools to edit and manipulate terrain models, including adding and removing by feature, editing ruleless terrain models, and working with complex terrain models.



Set Active

Sets the active terrain model file. The active terrain model is the model which is displayed by default in profile models and is the default target for corridor modeler.

Edit Model

Opens tool settings with several simple editing tools; delete, insert and move vertex, delete triangles, and swap lines.

Edit Complex Terrain Model

Edits a complex terrain by changing the order of merging, change merge or append methods and add or remove component terrain models

Feature Management

Add Features - Adds more features into the terrain that was created using the create commands. Example, create the terrain from break lines, then add points.

Remove Features - Removes elements from a terrain which were added by Add Features or Create from Elements.

Boundary Options

Add Boundary - Allows the extraction of implied or stored boundaries from terrains with the ability to edit / rule the boundary.

Remove Boundary - Removes a boundary element from an unruled terrain model.


Capable of Translating, Rotating, and Scaling an element. Can do all three modifications on regular or civil elements at once.