OpenRoads Designer Readme

What's New?

This section provides a list of new features in Bentley OpenSite, OpenRoads, and OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition products, also referred to as OpenX Designer products. Features that are only available in specific products are appropriately noted as such.

The following summarizes the new features and enhancements in 2020 Release 1.

General Enhancements

  • Update of Power Platform to Edition (V10.13.02.02), Bentley Descartes CONNECT Edition (V10.13.02.02) and Bentley GenerativeComponents CONNECT Edition (V10.13.02.02).
  • Subscription Entitlement Service (formerly CONNECT Licensing) For more information: Subscription Entitlement Service.
  • Includes OpenFlows SewerGEMS version For additional information: OpenFlows: What's New.
  • Includes Bentley LumenRT Designer CONNECT Edition Update 13.
  • Update of gINT Civil Tools CONNECT Edition (V10.05.01.04).
  • Support for following ProjectWise Connect Edition (V10.00.03.262) and (V10.00.03.271).
  • Ability to import 12dxml data.
  • Item types can be exported thru IFC export.
  • Custom geographic coordinate systems are now definable.
  • Civil standards in a DGN files can now be synched from dgnlibs by right mouse buttoning on the DGN file name under Standards in Project Explorer.

Survey Enhancements

  • Added right mouse button click to Survey Details from the survey tree in Project Explorer.
  • Provided a setting to add attributes to the first point for multi-coded points.
  • Persist the reversing of survey chains that use a directional custom linestyle so that survey updates do not revert to original directions.
  • Ability to set a preference seed for the survey Details dialog.
  • A CSV version of the Survey Points Table report is included.

Geometry Enhancements

  • Event Point Lists allow the creation of multiple lists of user defined points.
  • Equal Space Points tool includes a method to define start and stop location along geometry.
  • Equal Space Points tool has multiple methods in defining the elevation and rotation of points during creation.
  • Point Report XSL has been added to only provide Feature Definition and not include the full path.
  • Locate Point has a <Traverse> and <Radial> methods to formulate a point with 2 known points and an angle/distance. This function has also been exposed in SDK.
  • Geometry Builder allows input of the middle ordinate and external when defining an arc.
  • Geometry Builder to parse d1 for a 1-degree curve.
  • Geometry Builder to support South Azimuth and clockwise angles.
  • Alignment Speed Tables are exposed in the SDK.

Terrain Enhancements

  • Create Terrain Model from Design Mesh allows the creation of terrain(s) with voids and boundary based upon meshes displayed in 3D space.

Modeling Enhancements

  • Template Library slope input of "2.5" now parses to a value of 2.5%.
  • End Conditions that target linear elements or feature definitions <Both> now honor directions and offset limits properties of the end condition point.
  • Template Library preferences are now stored in the ITL file.
  • The Template Library > Save As will now default to the folder where the ITL file was loaded from.
  • Corridors and Linear Templates clipped by civil cells, display the civil cell name instead of individual components of the civil cell within the corridor object clipping list.
  • Clipping algorithm has been enhanced for speed and accuracy.
  • Enhanced Synchronize Template to allow selection of a single template drop or the corridor, which allows for multiple template drops to be synched.
  • Corridors without End Conditions can place normal to vertical geometry. This facilitates tunnel and large culvert design.
  • Civil Mesh elements now have a <Civil Quantities> property providing a top slope area, planar area, and a volume (when closed).
  • 3D Drive Through has Custom Vehicle settings.
  • Configuration Variable added for loading a default superelevation file.
  • Create Superelevation Sections tool now prompts to create lanes from a template in addition to the manual method.
  • Add ability to define half lane width for proper transition length adjustments for multiple rotating lanes.
  • Expose the nRotatedLanes variable in the runtime variables for superelevation rule files.
  • Cross Section Gradebook Report builds a grade report from 3D model and cross section named boundary group.

Drawing Production and Annotation Enhancements

  • Named Boundary from Element tool allows current view rotation to be used for sheet creation.
  • Matchline annotation has been added for plan and profile sheets.
  • Cross section named boundaries can be created from Event Point List.
  • Points in the Event Points Lists can be annotated in Plan and Profile (Grid and Framed).
  • Named Boundary Manager maintains the setting for the "Show the Create Drawing dialog" for the session.
  • Added the ability to annotate vertical curve dimension lines on profiles.
  • Added the ability to distinguish an annotation's offset to the parent geometry, this allows same field/favorite to annotate points Left(LT) and Right(RT) with different prefix and/or suffix. This also applies to Frame Profile annotation.
  • The Text Favorite Manager can now be opened through the Drawing Production> Annotations> bottom right arrow more button.
  • Sheet and Drawing Models can now be placed in individual dgn files during Sheet Creation. One sheet per dgn.

Drainage and Utilities Enhancements

  • The name of the workflow has changed to "Drainage and Utilities" to better reflect the functionality.
  • Added setting to allow headwalls to use the slope of the incoming pipe slope.
  • Ability to copy a prototype and catalog when the Feature Definition is not in SUDA_SEED_FILE.
  • Allow annotation of elements in reference files. This requires a utilities project in the active DGN, which triggers the ability to annotate elements in up to four references.
  • Support for OpenFlows gutter sections functionality. This creates intermediate sections along a gutter element by sectioning a terrain model. Spread widths are calculated at each section.
  • Draw the spread widths for a gutter element as a polygon.
  • New method to allow placement of gutters from a start node and downstream trace.
  • Relative Rotation for a node from a linear element is supported.
  • Extend the Critical Scenario Analysis wizard so that it can use flow in conduits as a critical criteria, as well as the HGL at nodes.
  • The default value for a User Data Extension (UDX) can now be overridden in a feature definition, so you can assign one User Data Extension to multiple feature definitions and use a different default value for each one.
  • The wall thickness of a utility conduit is now available as a property, so it can be annotated by a text favorite.
  • The settings for Set Invert to Start/Stop are no longer overridden and are applied 'as is' from the conduit prototype.
  • Flow arrows are now displayed for drainage conduits in Element Symbology. Note that the property for this needs to be toggled off then on to activate it in the DGN.

Technology Preview Enhancements

  • Site Layout tools includes a residential parceling tools to generate, optimize, and model residential land development projects. The tool set contains knuckles and Cul-de-sac tools.
  • Parcels can be dynamically annotated and tabled.
  • Graphical User Interface has been added to the VersionChecker.exe. This tool allows version identification, product alignment, and allow the upgrade of files.