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What's New

This section provides a list of new features in Bentley OpenSite, OpenRoads, and OpenRail Designer CONNECT Edition products, also referred to as OpenX Designer products. Features that are only available in specific products are appropriately noted as such.

The following summarizes the new features and fixes in 2023 Release Update.

General Enhancements

  • Update of Power Platform to Edition (V
  • Subscription Entitlement Service (formerly CONNECT Licensing) is utilized. For more information:  Subscription Entitlement Service.
  • This version uses OpenFlows SewerGEMS version V10.04.00.230 .
  • Includes Bentley LumenRT Designer CONNECT Edition Update 17.
  • Includes Bentley Descartes CONNECT Edition (V 23-0-2-49).
  • Update of gINT Civil Tools CONNECT Edition (V 23-0-2-1).
  • Support for following ProjectWise Connect Edition (V
  • Includes Bentley Generative Components CONNECT Edition (V 23-0-2-10).
  • No workspace changes were made in this release. For workspace changes in the initial 2023 release, please see \Configuration\Organization-Civil\Workspace Updates- 2023.00. pdf and Workspace Updates - 2023.00.xlsx included with the delivered workspace.

Geometry Enhancements

  • N/A

Drawing Production and Annotation Enhancements

  • N/A

Item Types Enhancements

  • N/A

Drainage and Utilities Enhancements

  • N/A

Rail Enhancements

  • N/A

Overhead Line Enhancements

  • N/A

Notice of Planned Deprecations in 2024

  • The Asset Manager tool will be removed from the software beginning with the 2024 release. This functionality is replaced by the Attach Item tool, incorporating Item Types on Feature Definitions, and the Export to SHP tool.
  • The Place Label tool will be reset to match the functionality of the tool in MicroStation beginning with the 2024 release. This functionality is replaced by the MicroStation Place Label tool which supports labels from cells and the Civil Labeler which supports labels from Text Favorites. The MicroStation Place Label tool can be activated in current software releases with the key-in placelabel dialog.