OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Geographic Coordinate System From Reference Dialog

Used to assign the GCS of an attached reference to the active model. You can use references to orient your active model when the attached reference has a standard GCS specified and has not been scaled or rotated, or when a reference with a computed Azimuthal Equal Area GCS is attached without scaling (it can be moved and/or rotated).

You can access this dialog from the following:
  • Geographic Coordinate System dialog - select the From Reference icon.

If a geographic coordinate system, with an attached reference, has a geographic referencing mode turned on, the reference cannot be used as a source for the GCS. Its position is calculated from its GCS and the active model’s current GCS so selecting it as a source will not change the current GCS. The Comment column provides the reason a particular attachment cannot be used as a GCS source.

Select Reference as Geographic Coordinate Systems Source Displays the references attached to the active model.
Geographic Coordinate System from Selected Reference Displays the coordinate system properties of the selected reference's GCS.