OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

Managing Workset Data with Explorer




The File tab displays file content in categories such as models, saved views, references, levels, and so on. You can also view the content of the active model.


The Items category displays non-graphical business data in the active file in hierarchical order. Six categories are supported; no user creation or modification of categories is supported.


The Resources tab displays shared resources in DGNLib files that are available for use in the active DGN file.

OpenRoads Model

The OpenRoads Designer Model tab displays content in categories such as alignments, terrain models, corridors, and so on.

Sheet Index

The Sheet Index contains controls to manage sheet indexing.

A sheet index is an organized and named collection of sheet models from one or more design files.


Note: Refer to MicroStation CONNECT Edition Help topic Explorer Dialog links Tab for more details.

OpenRoads Standards

The OpenRoads Designer Standards section is used to create, edit or review horizontal and vertical geometry design standards, feature information, civil cells, annotation, and graphical filters.