OpenRoads Designer CONNECT Edition

To Add a Station Equation

  1. Review preference to ensure desired settings (plus sign, equation type).
  2. Select the Add Station Equation tool and follow the heads-up prompts.

    Heads-up Prompt

    User Action

    Locate Element

    Graphically select the element to add the station equation.

    Locate Back Station

    Graphically define (based on the dashed line perpendicular to the element) the point for station equation. The back station can also be keyed in (then enter to lock and continue to the next prompt). When using the non-graphical option, data point to accept and move to the next prompt.

    Ahead Station

    Enter the station to assign to ahead station of the equation, the data point to accept and complete the station equation. When using the By Name (InRoads) equation type (as defined in the Design File settings) the format for entry is A 10+00, where A is a user-defined, unique identifier for each equation. When using the By Index (GEOPAK), regions are assigned automatically, so the user only enters the station value. The plus sign is not required in either type.